Ablation Film

The direct engraving of the plates made it possible to eliminate the analogue procedure which required the use of photographic films which in some cases, however, are still used by printers especially for labels for screen printing applications.
Hence the growing demand for the supply of films for machines which, in addition to flexographic printing, also include this type of process. 

By engraving everything digitally, we too no longer produce photographic films but we are able to satisfy these requests with the use of ablation film.
This film is engraved in our CDIs completely dry without the use of chemicals.


  • Dry process without the use of polluting chemicals.
  • Speed ​​of execution.
  • Accuracy in the register as it is engraved directly by the same CDI that engraves the plates.
  • Stability over time.
  • Accuracy and quality of engraving not affected by the state of the chemicals used for traditional development.
  • Constant black and contrast level because not generated by photographic development.

Images made with a 200x microscope.