New Cyrel® FAST 3000 TD

First installation of the new Cyrel®FAST 3000 TD.

DuPont chooses 2G&P worldwide as partner for the evaluation of the equipment before the official launch on the market.

We are chose, says DuPont, for the great experience gained and for the strict search for quality that we have always imposed on ourselves. We have been producing Cyrel® FAST for twenty years. We have been the first to introduce a thermal line in Italy and to date, the only ones with three lines, we can affirm without false modesty that we know better than anyone else this rapid and ecological technology, but with but with different characteristics from the solvent-based development, which we have learned to exploit over many years of production. We were the first to identify its benefits for various applications. We have studied and tested every feature and we have been able to enhance the peculiarities while the competition refused to appreciate its features.

DuPont’s choice to entrust 2G&P, in the world, an evaluation of the equipment with a request for feedback useful to optimize its performances, is the best demonstration of the consideration of those who created this technology, towards our experience, the preciousness of our know-how and the quality of our work.

As well described in the article on converter June-July 2022, present in the section “PRESS” of our website, from a technological point of view this equipment is a real revolution compared to the past: starting from the procedure with which the plate is held, in fact thanks to a gripper at the head and one at the tail, which guarantee a perfect traction, it can offer an excellent dimensional stability.

A hot roller presses the cloth onto the plate which lies on a cushioned sleeve allowing the cloth to penetrate deeply and thoroughly clean even the most complex graphics, guaranteeing perfect and uniform engravings even in the finest details, in the high rulings and in the backgrounds, without attacking the graphism.

A PET film protects the hot roller avoiding cleaning and ensuring that the surface of the roller is always kept in perfect condition, guaranteeing constant pressures, not affected by the cleaning of the roller itself.

An intuitive software and an online connection with technical assistance allow remote interventions, in case of a release of new plates or changes to the washing programs.

Finally, a catalyst which cleans all the fumes that are produced inside the machine, which is practically "zero emissions", completes the picture of an equipment, which stands out for its qualitative and technical features in a world, that of thermal development, which pays always a particular attention also to the protection of the environment.

Cyrel®FAST 3000 TD
the state of the art in thermal development
from a technological,
productive and qualitative point of view.